“Sovereign” Citizens: Beyond Thunderdome

The Mad Max franchise explores a concept that has become all  too common  in media: the breakdown of law and society following some cataclysmic event (total depletion of oil reserves for Max).  Max struggles with personal demons and tribal groups in a dystopian Australia of the future, all while trying to help those in need survive in the lawless outback.

#NotMyMax (and yes that is Tina Turner)

Wheel of Fortune in Dystopian America

The Sovereign Citizen “Movement” is more like Mad Max movie since so-called Sovereign Citizens believe the law doesn’t apply to them and are quick to enact revenge against those they think have done them wrong. Sovereign Citizens are a scourge on the legal system and considered a domestic terrorist movement by the FBI.  Sovereigns do not understand or respect the law and they have no interest in learning better because of their absurd belief system.

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